How to Solve the Problem of a Wet Basement

Water in your basement means mold in your basement. So, it is important to invest in some good waterproofing solutions to avoid any water damages. Waterproofing helps you maintain the pristine condition of your basement and also save you lots of money. It significantly reduces the risk of costly mold remediation, foundation repair, mold cleaning and other services required with a flooded basement. Here are some ways that can solve the problem of flooded basements.

  1. Determine the Source of the Water in Basement: Before starting with basement waterproofing job, it is essential to determine the primary sources of a wet basement. It may be the outcome of a heavy storm, a damaged application or a burst pipe. If it is something related to the plumbing issues, you should immediately turn off your home’s water supply to reduce further water damage risk.
  2. Hire an Experienced Wet Basement Contractor: The next thing you need to do is to hire an experienced basement contractor to start with the waterproofing job. If water damage has caused some cracks or holes in the walls, your contractor will get them fixed. Then the technician will apply plaster or concrete sealer to waterproof the basement and safe it from any future damage and leaks. You may also need to waterproof the crawlspace and install a crawl space dehumidifier if it is at the risk of flooding. If there is mold in basement, you should also consider mold remediation and mold cleaning services.
  3. Invest in Sump Pump Installation: Sump pump installation is the final step of waterproofing your basement. When you fail to ensure the maintenance of the sump pump, it fails to perform properly. A properly working or a new sump pump will ensure that the water stays away from your basement. Meaning, you will not have to face any plumbing storm or flooded basement anymore.

If you have a leaky basement, you can contact our expert basement waterproofing experts in Ontario. We have years of experience and can ensure the pristine condition of your basement.

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