The Top Most Reasons Your Basement Is Leaking, Even In Winter

Nothing can frustrate more than a flooded or wet basement. No one wants to spend their vacations mopping up water in leaky and wet basement rather than enjoying time with family members, loved ones or best friends. When homeowners find a wet or flooded basement, they will first think about rain. There is no doubt that wet basements are often the consequences of long and heavy rains.

Leaking basement is a very common thing and it is occurring due to moisture present is from rain or snow. But most of the people get surprised why my basement leaks during the winter season. If this happens to you, don’t panic. Here are a few reasons why your basement is leaking.

  1. Melting snow: During the winter season, there is only snow outside. You may have thought in your mind that there is no rain outside, then why is your basement leaking. Apart from the rain, melting snow is another the most common reason for leaky basement. When snow melts, it leaves a high quantity of water in its place. This water finds the way to go somewhere and it finds the most common place is your basement.
  2. Snow on the roof: Snow that builds up on the roof is the other reason of leaky basement. Snow on the roof is not only dangerous for the roof, but also for your basement. When the snow on the roof melts, it will seep into the soil and saturate it. The saturated soil will increase the pressure the basement walls and the water start to go inside through walls.
  3. Your sump pump is not working properly: If you have a basement in your house, it means you have a sump pump. The sump pump is designed and installed to collect excess water and pull it away from the house. In case, if it fails to work properly, it will create a problem for you. As a result water will accumulate and flood your basement.
  4. The drain is clogged: Clogged drain can damage your property. These drains can cause water to back up in the water pipes and ultimately overflow in the basement. This problem occurs in your house’s sewer lines. If you have clog free pipes and it drain properly, it will help you to mitigate the chances of leaky basement.
  5. Cracks in the basement walls and floor: Cracks in the walls and floor are the most common places from where water enters your basement. If you have a leaky or wet basement, first of all look for possible causes like cracks in the walls and floor.

Now, you are familiar with the most common reasons of basement leaks during the winter season. If you are facing this type of problem and want to get rid of it before Christmas, contact Harris Waterproofing in Beamsville.

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