What Are Weeping Tiles & Their Benefits?

Did you ever heard of weeping tiles? These tiles are not actually the tiles which are installed on the floors or on the roofs. Instead, they are a part of an intricate drainage system that protects a foundation against water damages.

No matter, you live in a flood-prone area or a location that receives the least rainfall, weeping tiles are for one and all. They are installed either on the interior or exterior sides of a foundation. They not only prevent moisture issues but also stabilizes your structure against the foundation cracks and damages.

If your basement gets filled with water even after a mild rainfall, then waterproofing, sump pumps, and weeping tiles can work for you. For better results and performance, it’s advised to get these tiles installed by an experienced waterproofing company.

Benefits Of Weeping Tile Installation

Doesn’t matter, what type of interior or exterior weeping tiles you have selected, their only aim is to prevent foundation damages that occur due to water leakage. Some of the common benefits offered by weeping tiles are:

  • They are one of the affordable ways to protect a home against water damages.
  • These tiles are designed to keep the rain and drain water away from a home.
  • Since they are installed on a lower surface or under the basement floor, they don’t ruin the beauty of your property.
  • These tiles are meant to improve and enhance the life expectancy of foundations by relieving the formation of hydrostatic pressure.
  • Their installation in responsible for increasing the resale value of a property.
  • With weeping tiles, one can have access to a clean, dry and mold free basement.

These are some of the basics and benefits of weeping tiles that every homeowner should be aware of. If you are looking for a basement waterproofing company in Grimsby, feel free to contact our waterproofing contractors at Harris Waterproofing.

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