What Is Drain Tile and How Does It Help Avoid Leaking Issues?

Drain tile system is a part of the home construction or renovation process and is one of the best ways to ensure that groundwater doesn’t ruin the basement. It directs the water away from the house before it can even enter. Not everyone is aware of the unmatched benefits it offers. Only the construction experts or homeowners who have seen its working know how beneficial it is. The information available on the web is also a bit ambiguous. But don’t worry, we are here to explain each aspect of drain tiles. Before we get to which drain tile works best, let’s explore it a little more.

leaking basement

Modern construction contractors define drain tile as not just a tile, but a brilliant water drainage system. Usually, in this system, a porous plastic PVC pipe or the flexible plastic pipe is laid under the ground, and placed around the periphery of the home’s foundation. The fundamental purpose of this system is to collect the water before it reaches into the basement. What it does is, it directs the water downhill, i.e., far away from the home’s foundation. Sometimes, when piping run to a distant drainage pit hole buried within the ground, an alternative system is arranged. In some cases, the systems send the water onto the open ground where it can run and channelize with sewers.

Both Options Are Available:

You can either choose to install a drain tile system around the home’s foundation or around the inside borders of the foundation, i.e., beneath the floor slab. As per the experts, the best way to ensure effective installation is during the original construction process. That is the time when the drain tile piping can easily be installed in the ground in the outer parts of the foundation. You can also choose to install it inside of the foundation depending on the areas. Installing it to the full perimeter of the major portion of the region where water basement leaking is most likely to occur is advisable. The average cost of a full perimeter installation of drain tiles can range anywhere from $4000 to $10000+. It depends on several other factors, and costs can vary according to the requirements. Speak to the contractor and discuss your budget and expectations, they will suggest you suitable options. Contractors would share with you the complete breakdown of the costs involved with the installation process. Repair your leaky basement.

What are the Benefits of Drain Tiles?

leaky basement

Drain Tiles fix the water leak problem permanently and therefore keep the basement protected all the time. If you live in an area where waterlog problems, flooding, or heavy rainfalls are common, then drain tiles can ensure there is no leaking basement. Besides this, cost savings is also a great benefit, less recurring water leak problems save homeowner’s big bucks. Without any proper measure, homeowners always have the risk of facing basement leaks. But when you take protective measures such as installing drain tiles, then you can enjoy your peace of mind. Many other solutions are also available, not just drain tiles. So if you are unsure or need unbiased expert’s advice, you can speak to us. We have trained and certified professionals who will work with you to identify which solution may best fit your needs without extending the budget.


Leaking basements should be avoided as early and as practically possible with the help of a good waterproofing company. Drain tile system is highly beneficial because this can relieve the water pressure that affects the floor or the walls of your wet basement. It has the functionality to also collect the water, which may potentially cause basement leak, and direct it elsewhere.

If you are searching for someone who can deliver according to your expectations and knows the solutions for the leaking basement in Stoney Creek or the surrounding areas, then we can help you. At Harris Waterproofing, we offer you a complete range of basement waterproofing solutions, including interior, exterior waterproofing, and weeping tile installation. Talk to us today to get a free estimate or schedule a free consultation.

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